Classic Finish

The Classic finish is our conventional, standard finish displaying the realism of a photograph with rich artistic enhancements and is available in every size.

Crafted by one of our master artists, the Classic Finish exquisitely captures your family’s beauty and love that will be cherished for generations. Once you have chosen your portraits to be displayed, our in-house artist will work to enhance the subtle details in all the right areas ensuring you look your absolute best. Once complete, your portrait is printed to the highest quality, finished with a canvas texture, and mounted to artist masonite for durability and beauty. Several layers of an oil-based lacquer are then applied to protect and add dimension to your artwork.

Masterpiece Finish

Many of our clients prefer more of a commissioned painting look. The Masterpiece Canvas gives your portrait the realness of a photograph with the added richness of a painting. This is our finest, most luxurious finish turning your portrait into a true work of art worthy of display in any art gallery or over your fireplace mantel. Because of the amount of labor involved, we can only finish a very finite amount of Masterpiece Portraits. As a result, they are limited to sizes 30” or larger.

In our Masterpiece finish the portrait is rendered entirely as a painting. Our artist works digitally in a program developed specifically for traditional painters. The paint is mixed, the brush size and exact number of bristles are chosen, the angle, pressure, and amount of paint that is applied, everything just as one would with traditional old world painting. The result is a work of art with details that are intricately painted and brushstrokes that are masterfully placed. After the artist is finished, the art piece is printed using archival quality pigments that bleed into a special canvas from Germany. Because of the special materials that are used, our Masterpiece Portraits are rated to last 250 years before any fading takes place. If Rembrandt and Leonardo Da Vinci were alive today, this is the process they would use.