Original Art that Celebrates Family

Elegantly displayed family portraits create a showpiece for generations to enjoy.

What makes original art so special is the unique memory it creates for you to share. What you choose to display in your home represents who you are and what is most important to your family. Have you walked into an area of your home and wanted artwork that captures your family at a special moment in time?

Finding the right piece to represent your family is frustrating. Ordinary art won’t do. You want something that is elegant and original.

At Morie Fine Art, we believe that art for your home should be original, doing more than completing a room. It should be timeless, and bring back thoughts of joy during a specific time in your life. And finding that right piece is not hard to find because it’s already in your home, you just need to let us capture it.

A Morie Fine Art portrait of your family is the original piece of art that will elegantly capture you in a way that no other piece can. It does more than elevate any room; a Morie Fine Art portrait provides a cherished timeless heirloom capturing a moment in time that has long past. Your family will treasure and share that memory for generations.

For over 15 years, Amber has dedicated her skills to capturing and preserving these moments in time for families across the country. The experience of creating this elegant portrait of your family even becomes a memory of its own that is shared with family and friends.

Do more than just add any art to a space in your home. Let Morie Fine Art create your elegant family portrait that will elevate any room while creating memories that are shared for generations.

“For Years, the thought of ‘professional photography’ brought me stress and anxiety. When I booked my first shoot with Amber, that is when ‘professional Photography’ took on a whole new meaning. Amber is truly gifted. After our session, I sat in tears watching photo after photo depicting my kids perfectly, our family dynamic, and our uniques personalities. She is a master at creating those timeless portraits that you will always cherish and the experience is a wonderful memory in itself. My family is blessed by Amber.”

~Brad and Amber Bohannan